We are dedicated to the artist community.

In a world where artists face an overcrowded market,
one service stands to level the playing field.

Portfolio Service

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Artist-oriented portfolio. Organize everything from your individual artworks, sets and series, collections, biography, cv, and blog!

Art Events

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From the beginning of time including upcoming events.

Artists First

Not profits, not anything else.

This is built by an artist, for artists.


This is a project with ambition. We ultimately want to connect artists with audiences and everything in between. There is a plethora of artists and art lovers in this world - something for everyone.

"Everything In Between"

In addition to representing individual artists, we are preparing to serve art organizations and institutions with the same free service and enabling a greater fluidity in the arts community.

Cost Effective

Our services are completely free. We charge nothing and work hard to produce this quality product for the whole of the art community. Our reward is the growth of creativity and consciousness in our audience.

Smarter and Faster than Paid Services

Paid website services miss a crucial step for artists. That is, the Catalog. Your artwork is not merely an image, for it has a title, a creation date, information on the media type and so on. This is information that should carry with the artwork wherever it goes, from museum to museum or website to website. Our system is based on this idea of the Catalog. The major advantage for you is the speed of which you can create a portfolio of selective works. You can create numerous portfolios for particular audiences within minutes. Send each audience a link to the portfolio designed with them in mind and make a great impression. This is the way of the most modern artist.

Event Catalog

We are currently building an event catalog that comprises art events throughout all of recorded history. The goal of this is to make art history a more interactive experience, allowing comparison of different creative movements across the world and time.


Other Projects

Community Proven

We've worked with a number of awesome local organizations that are also community focused

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Graphic Design
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Data Management
App Development
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